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   xaver el sotoon

A Temporal Perspective
xaver el soto
Time as a landscape
Time in three dimensions
Time as a bridge to infinity.

Observing time in spherical angles
Like measuring the sky
By metaphysic alchimy.

A temporal world.
Having three perpendicular legs:
The past, the now and the future.

The perpendicularity as the independence of time,
The forming of a continuous space
Divided into three planes:

The tradition
The topicality
The vision.

It is time.
It is now.
It is for tomorrow.

It is a temporal paradoxon
Like embracing the future
And seeing it as yesterday.

You live for the future,
You try to understand the now
And are exploring the past.

Temporal anomalities,
Missing continuity,
Irregular discretisation.

Temporal parallelism,
Temporal intersection,
Temporal integration.

Growing lineage,
Trajection improvement
Reaching innovation.

Time as a fundamental rock,
Time as a lighthouse,
Time from the bird's view.


The universal aspect,
The emotional aspect
The longing aspect.

Approaching time from below.
Approaching time peripherically,
Approaching time from the top.

Circumstellar navigation throught the time.
Postgravitational desire for time,
Approved eternity.

Temporal wisedom,
Temporal freedom
Merging together to a temporal perspective.